Barca Lost in the Pool

Anfield 7th May is now in the history books for unbelievable wins.
The Champions League semifinal between Liverpool and Barcelona was to be a walk in the park. Barca had 3-0 from the match in Barcelona so noone thought that Liverpool should even equalize, that is to score 3 goals and deny Barca a goal for have the chance to determine a result in overtime. But Liverpool did just that and more.
Liverpool set up a reserve team where the stars were damaged and yet they scored an early 1-0 goal. In the second half they got another key player injured , Andy Robertson. Georginio Wijnaldum replaced and made two goals within two minutes.

In the 54th minute he met a Trent Alexander-Arnold pass with his right foot and pressed 2-0 behind Marc-André ter Stegen, and in the 56th he nodded 3-0. The miracle was a fact.
When Liverpool had made 3 goals and the result was 3-3 something extraordinary happens.
Trent Alexander-Arnold looked to leave a corner and all Barca players in the penalty area relaxed but then he turned around and played the ball quickly to a completely free Divock Origi who very nicely shot 4-0 and they won the double meeting with 4-3. Check ou all the Goals at AB

Börje Peratt



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